It is with the unwavering aspiration of being at the forefront of cloud innovation that Candid is excited to announce it is joining McKinsey & Company. This acquisition comes at a very important time as COVID-19 has sparked technological growth for organizations worldwide. Candid’s unparalleled success in driving cloud innovation adds to McKinsey’s expertise and capabilities.


Cloud has redefined how business is done. As the world has shifted to remote work, business has needed to dramatically and rapidly change to keep up with the new demands colleagues and customers place upon it. Every step along the way, Candid has risen to meet the evolution of this change and drive innovation in defining how organizations will lead themselves out of uncertainty and into further success.


Candid is a company founded on one principle – to be the best cloud delivery firm in the country. We attack and solve the most complex, technically challenging, highly visible cloud programs for the world’s largest organizations. We exclusively attract and develop the industry’s most talented cloud practitioners and our culture challenges them to do their best, most innovative work, driving real and tangible results.


With the acquisition having closed on December 31, 2020, Candid and McKinsey have begun integration efforts with the purpose of minimizing disruption to clients and colleagues.


“Candid is driven by the desire to solve the most challenging problems and deliver long-term impact. McKinsey’s scale will open new doors to allow Candid’s leading cloud experts to further develop their skills and drive cloud innovation daily,” said John Peak, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Candid. “Together, we have the opportunity to help the largest and most complex organizations in the world deliver cloud transformations, gain competitive advantage, and thrive in an ever-changing world.”


“Candid’s culture is one that praises delivery excellence, technical depth, and creative problem-solving. As an organization we have always prided ourselves on getting things done. McKinsey shares that goal, and we believe we have found a strong complement for our mutual future together,” said Merrick Olives, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Candid.


Candid’s talent is what have always defined Candid. We look forward to not only retaining all of the existing Candid team but continuing to grow significantly over the foreseeable future.


For more information on Candid and McKinsey please visit McKinsey’s announcement, and for any questions, please email us.