Candid Cloud Native Development

With no external investors or debt, Candid is the only independent Cloud firm with the scale to transform the largest organizations

Transforming Business with Cloud

Implementing new technology solutions is expensive and time consuming – and can cause a significant disruption of day-to-day workflow. Candid helps companies leverage cloud native architecture and software development practices to quicken time to market and embrace organizational agility.

Cloud Native App Development

Candid is the fastest growing cloud integrator with the expertise to deliver cloud-native application projects to differentiate your organization to drive satisfaction to your customers.

Cloud Native Modernization

Our management consultants are experienced in removing technical debt and ensuring there is no interruption to day to day business operations. By completely rearchitecting legacy applications, we move your organization into the future without disrupting what made you successful in the past.

Embrace Cutting-Edge Technology

Leveraging best in class methodologies and tools, Candid brings structure to your organization. We work alongside your teams to transform the way you do business, increase agility, and reduce overhead.

National Banking Application Development with Serverless Architecture

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Migrating Global Digital Marketing Systems

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webMethods Automation & Re-Architecture

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Marketing Agency Lambda Pipeline

Client: One of the world’s largest beverage corporations

Focusing on business needs, we created an in-repo YAML-defined pipeline template. Each pipeline represented a unique Lambda function, monitored by CloudWatch, with independent automated testing, standards compliance, and deployment for each function.

  • Every function received its own CI/CD pipeline, developed and deployed independently
  • Per function deployment supported the CI/CD DevOps delivery model
  • Central repository consolidated pipeline definitions for better change control
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