Transform through Security, Agility and Scalability

Candid helps organizations improve and modernize their approach to IT by shifting security concerns earlier in the development cycle, embracing automation, and leading through proper DevOps.


Decrease Risk

Leveraging Candid’s DevOps as a Service increases your security posture by leveraging automation to eliminate last-minute bottlenecks, identifying threats before they become threats, and decreasing the likelihood of a breach. 

DevOps Strategy

Developing a strategy for where and how to apply DevOps practices will accelerate technology delivery. Candid’s management consultants are experts in transforming organizations to deliver innovative features with speed and scale.


DevOps and Cloud Automation

Automate deployments and platform management to accelerate time to ROI and increase operational efficiencies. 


DevOps at Scale

Candid has a methodology for DevOps, backed by metrics to ensure success in helping organizations move to a DevOps operating model in the cloud at scale.


Optimal Collaboration

Candid management professionals leverage the education gained through constant collaboration with client teams to consistently improve our technical teams. This closed loop process to improve all aspects of Candid’s portfolio and consistently positions Candid to provide you with the support and direction to achieve your goals.

Enterprise Data Center Migration for Global Beverage Company

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Journey to the Cloud: What Should You Consider?

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Proactive Churn Management (PCM)

Client: Global Communications Company

When faced with intense competitive pressure due to disruptive changes in the entertainment industry, our client formed a Proactive Churn Management group to boost loyalty. We helped them face challenges scaling and optimizing their efforts, resulting in:

  • Scaled capacity of proactive customer touches by 10x in 4 years
  • Savings of $3 million per year in call center costs
  • Significant improvements to retention and the number of “saved” customer accounts
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Analytics Modernization Delivers Data Driven Decisions and Increased Efficiencies

For Global Consumer Goods Company

Candid drives data driven decisions for its clients that extend over a broad analytics spectrum.

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